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Shabu Integrated Farms Ltd

Shabu Integrated Farms Ltd (SIFL) was incorporated on 23rd March 2019. The farm is majorly into production of crops such as Yam, Sorghum, Maize, Soybeans, ginger, with a plantain plantation and livestock. Shabu Integrated Farms Ltd has 3000 hectares of land devoted for the production of arable and tuber crops and banana plantation; these crops include maize, sorghum and soybeans, sesame seeds, root and tuber crop production such as cassava, yam, and pasture for our animal grazing. The farm has a high-tech green house for increased vegetable production such as Bell Pepper, Habaneroi pepper, green pepper, Tomatoes. Shabu Integrated Farms Ltd is a subsidiary of Al'Hakam Holdings Ltd. The farm is majorly into fish farming, production of crops such as Yam, Sorghum, Maize, Soybeans, with a plantain plantation and livestock farming.

The Fish Farm

There are a total 30 ponds in the fish farm from juveniles to table size. The fish farm gets its water supply from a confluence of rivers(Rivers Ayini and Lake view or Old Barracks streams) both coming to a confluence just behind the farm. The farm also has in addition a number of boreholes that supply water to its ponds and the hatchery. A fish hatchery is currently under construction where the fingerlings will be bred. Farmers can place orders for their fry, fingerlings or juvenilles.
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The Crop Farm

The crops grown in the crop section among others are yam, plantain, maize, sorghum.
  1. At present, the farm has about 50,000 heaps of yam.
  2. The plantain Plantation has over 5 hectres of land. The plantation has a borehole which provides dry season irrigation for the farm.
  3. The maize farm vovers an area of 60 hectres,
  4. The sorghum farm is 220 hectares.
  5. There is also a large cashew plantation at the integrated farm.

Farm Machineries

The farm has 4 tractors, 2 Ridgers, 2 harrowers, one mould bow, 4 threshing machines and one sprayer.

The Farm House

The farm boasts of a staff quarters, clinic, kitchen, and a worship area.

Farm Facilities

The farm has a warehouse and a silo where it's produce are stored. In addition their is a farm store where the fish feed and supplies to the farm and the workers are kept.

The farm has 4 fuel, 3 diesel and 2 electric water pumping machines with which it pumps water from the river beside to the fish farm. There are 2 vehicles, 2 motorcycles for transportation for the staff.

Agricultural Training and Certification

The farm houses the Agripreneur Academy which is an agricultural training center. The center has ran two sets of trainings so far on rice value chain and Customer Service skills in Policy Management. An agric training center where current world best practices in Agriculture training will be conducted is currently under construction.


The farm is located in Shabu village, in Agwada development area of Kokona local government in Nasarawa State. The workforce of the farm is 28

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