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Nagari Fresh Farms Produce Ltd

Nagari Fresh Farm Produce Ltd has an arable crop farm, economic trees, cassava farm and a garri processing factory. The farm is in Marmara with a branch of the farm in Shamagi. The farm covers an estimated 500 hectares of land in Marmara and 50 hectares in Shamagi. The farm has an orange plantation, mango plantation, moringa, palm trees and a cattle feed lot. The farm also has five major dams, three at Marmara and two at Shamagi that were built in 2005-2006. There is a 70 hectares of Sorghum, white maize farm, yam farm, accommodation for staff and a warehouse. The farm has 3 tractors, one harvester, one combined harvester, planter and two hilux pickups. The farm has a workforce of 18 staff. The Nagari Fresh farm produce also has as one of its arms a garri processing factory. There are 150 goats. The farm is located in Marmara in Nasarawa Local Government in Nasarawa State. It is the centre with largest plantation. In there are citrus, mango, banana and plantain plantations; earthen ponds used for fish production and forty thousand capacity poultry for egg production. There is a feed mill unit for the production of poultry feed, silos for storing of raw materials, a complete cassava processing unit. Mechanized implements and complete tractorization is used for crop production in Al-Hakam training centre.

Nagari Fresh Farm Produce Ltd has an arable crop farm – commercial trees – cassava factory, located in marmara with a branch of the farm in Shamagi. Shamagi has 50 hectres, marmara has 100 hectres of cassava, poultry, hatchery. The farm was bought from Dr. Usman Jibrin a former governor of Kaduna state in 2000-2001. The whole farm has over 400 hectres of land. 70 hectres of Sorghum, white maize farm, accommodation for staff, warehouse, 2 dams in the farm was built in 2005-2006, green houses was built in the farm.

The Gari factory

Fred Foods Garri The Fred Foods garri factory produces good quality garri. With our over 200 hectares of cassava farm, being a raw material source for gari production, the Nagari Fresh farm produce Ltd has an automated garri production factory. The factory has locally fabricated fryers, hangers, and has the capacity to output 300 tonnes of gari at its optimum. The factory has a total of 4 staff

Farm Machineries

The farm has 4 tractors, 2 Rodgers, 2 harrowers, one mould bow, 4 threshing machines and one sprayer. There are also new machineries in the store.

The Farm House

The farm boasts of a staff quarters that accommodates it's staff. There is also a clinic and a kitchen and mosque for their welfare.


The farm has a warehouse where it's produce are stored. The farm store keeps the bagged gari and supplies for the farm and the workers on the farm.

The farm is located in marmara village, in Nasarawa local government in Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

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