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Dan Gata Eggs Ltd

Dan Gata Eggs Ltd is a poultry farm which has as its products good quality eggs and broilers for the market. The farm is located at Marmara in Nasarawa Local Government Area, Nigeria. The company was incorporated on 19th December 2019. The farm presently has a total of 21,500 layers with a plan to introduce a broiler arm of 5000 birds. The layers were brought in as Day-Old-Chics (DOCs) at different periods and categorized into three batches. The Batch A birds comprise of 5000 birds arrived in June of 2019, Batch B of 6500 birds arrived in November 2019 while Batch C of 10000 birds arrived in April 2020. As a result of the high mortality of Batch C, the company that supplied the DOCs compensated the farm with 3000 DOCs in October 2020 which now formed Batch D. Dan Gata eggs is an agricultural company which has its focus in the production of good quality eggs for the people. Our poultry is located in Nagari Fresh Farm Ltd which is located in Marmara in Nasarawa Local Government Area in Nasarawa State. The company was incorporated in 2019.

The Broiler Farm

The broiler farm which is going to be producing chicken meat is currently been stocked for its first batch.

Competitive pricing

One of the unique seeling point that we have is our competitive prices. We sell our eggs at the best prices in the market.


The farm has a cold room warehouse where the eggs are stored for onward delivery to those who have placed their order.

The poultry feed mill

As part of the company’s expansion plan, a feed mill was established in May 2020. The mill has a capacity of producing 1.5 tonnes of feeds per hour. However, due to the high cost of maize (one of the major ingredients), production was suspended and the company reverted to purchase of finished feed. The farm totally has a total of 22 staff.

The poultry is located in marmara village, in Nasarawa local government in Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

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