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Agripreneur Academy

Agripreneur Academy is a condensaon point of giving back to society for the opportunies and endowments the Nigeria Agricultural landscape has offered me both as a private and public sector driver/leader in the Nigeria Agricultural enterprise. Agripreneur Academy and its concept is intended promote experienal transfer of good agricultural pracces to the new and old generaon of farmers, agriprenuers and agricultural porolio holders as well as closing the training gap for most Universies, Colleges of Agriculture and related training instuons in the areas of Mechanizaon and large-scale applicaon of knowledge and skills acquired through the Students Industrial Work Experience Schemes.

Executive Summary

Agripreneur Academy aims at building farmers capacity in agroprenuerial management skills through learning by doing. The goal is to inculcate the right skills and entrepreneurial atude on young people who constute the most acve segment of the country’s populaon thus making agricultural acvies more appealing and result driven. The centre intends to adapt an experienal model of passing good agricultural pracces in all segments of the agricultural value chain to young and interested farmers and enthusiasc investors in the agricultural industries. The outcome of this training will lead to increased producvity of the agricultural sector as crical mass of highly skilled farm aendants, managers, workers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts will be made available for the sector’s growth and development. Farmers’ atude and skills towards improved farm commercializaon through learning and increased knowledge is the target.


  1. The basis of this training centre is to teach farmers how to produce crops or manage livestock profitably.
  2. To facilitate engagement opportunies.
  3. To meet the training needs of all kinds of farmers, students and agriprenuers at their respecve levels.
  4. To give farmers the opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge, change their atudes and enhance their skills needed for farm commercializaon.
  5. It is a way of taking the school to the farmers and youth in agriculture.
  6. To give opportunity for learning by doing.
  7. To build confidence and competence of youth and women in agriculture.
  8. To develop a hunger free country

Agricultural Training and Certification

Agripreneur Academy is an agricultural certification center. The center has ran two sets of trainings so far on rice value chain and Customer Service skills in Policy Management.


The academy is located in Shabu village, in Agwada development area of Kokona local government in Nasarawa State. The workforce of the farm is 28

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